Key Resources

Three Key Resources

Resource - Care Act and Whole Family ApproachesThe Care Act and Whole-Family Approaches’ sets out best practice approaches to thinking “whole family” in assessment, planning and review processes – as well as the combined legal framework with children’s legislation that underpins this.

Resource - No Wrong DoorsNo wrong doors: working together to support young carers and their families is a resource to promote working together between Adult’s and Children’s social care services and enhanced partnership working with health and third sector partnerships.

Resource - Young Carers Needs AssessmentThe Young Carers’ Needs Assessment is supporting information for use in conjunction with the “No wrong doors” template for a local memorandum of understanding on work with young carers.


Other Resources

Whole Family Pathway
Whole Family Pathway
Do Siblings Matter Too?
Do Siblings Matter Too?
Fathers and Fatherhood in young carers' families
Fathers and Fatherhood in young carers’ families
video - care act and whole family approach
Video: Identifying and supporting young carers – the interface between the Care Act and the Children and Families Act


Social Care Institute for Excellence – The Care Act: Transition from childhood to adulthood

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