Past Work

See our past Making a Step Change work between 2013 and 2015.

The Integrated Interventions Programme

The Department for Education has funded Carers Trust to deliver the Building the Practice, Building the Evidence Programme. This programme aims to support all those who commission or develop services for young carers and their families.

As part of this funding stream, Carers Trust established the Integrated Interventions programme which funded eight partnership sites. The overall aim of the Integrated Interventions programme was:

“Partnership sites adopt an inclusive and whole family approach that prevents or reduces the amount of excessive or harmful caring undertaken by young carers under 18 in England.”

The aim of the partnerships is to work together to embed whole family approaches, specifically focusing on early intervention and prevention of excessive or harmful caring and improving integrated interventions for young carers and their families across England.

For more information about the programme and its impact, please read our Final Report – Evaluation of the Integrated Interventions Programme for Carers Trust.

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